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The Virtual Private Network (VPN) assists MIT clients with connectivity on and off campus. IS&T recommends and supports Cisco's AnyConnect VPN, a VPN client that works on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware configurations.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

  • Helps resolve a number of issues associated with email, calendaring, Windows file sharing, and other network-based applications
  • Provides a consistent and secure experience using MITnet regardless of where you are connecting from
  • Provides a solution to work through the various port blocks and firewalls that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and administrators have built that often interrupt or prevent legitimate work from happening


Accessibility note: Screen readers must use Internet Explorer to successfully run the web-based VPN service.

Getting started

Students, faculty, and staff can connect to MIT's VPN by downloading the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and connecting to

For more information and troubleshooting, see the Cisco AnyConnect Landing Page in the Knowledge Base.