As part of doing business at an institute of higher learning and as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), MIT must ensure that individuals who use its IT resources are following the rules and legal requirements of the local, state, and federal governments. DMCA (Digital Milennium Copyright Act), PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), and the Massachusetts Data Privacy Law 201 CMR 17 are just a few regulations that MIT must comply with.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Compliance ensures that sensitive data is protected from fraud and prevents individuals from experiencing the negative side effects of a data breach or copyright infringement.

  • DMCA Agent at MIT: Notifies individuals at MIT if copyright infringement is suspected to have occurred on their device. This service attempts to minimize peer-to-peer file sharing and illegal downloading of copyrighted material.
  • PCI compliance: The Office of the Vice President of Finance offers resources and works in collaboration with IS&T to ensure technical measures are in place to protect financial data. 
  • WISP (Written Information Security Program): MIT's response to the Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of the Residents of MA; as well as other laws and policies followed by MIT.

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