IS&T's Campus Safety and Security Infrastructure (CSSI) team provides campus-wide security devices and systems to keep your office and building safe.

The SEMO team has recently integrated with the IS&T CSSI team. Services previously provided by SEMO are now provided by the CSSI team.

Request repair, installation, or other services from IS&T CSSI.

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Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

  • Video camera systems
  • Electronic door locks and card readers
  • Alarm systems
  • Lock boxes
  • Emergency phones

You can also request a free consultation. Once we have evaluated your space, we'll provide a cost estimate for your review.


Repairs: Basic service costs (regular repairs, access changes, licenses, and administrative fees) are covered by CSSI. A fee will be charged for special service requests.

Installations: You are responsible for installation and equipment costs.

Costs: Camera installations: You are responsible for a reoccurring operational cost of $350 per camera, per year. All other installations: CSSI will cover regular equipment maintenance and basic repair costs.

Getting started

Request repair, installation, or other services from CSSI.

Request roof access