An MIT ID is a digital (or physical) credential enabling community members to authenticate themselves to card readers on and off campus.

Community members with an active MIT Kerberos account can use the MIT Atlas mobile application to enable their digital ID. If a physical ID card is required, the individual can use the MIT Atlas mobile app to print out a card at one of several self-service kiosks on campus.

Note: Alumni can use the Tim Tickets application to activate their digital ID and to print a card at campus kiosks if they wish.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

A digital or physical MIT ID may be used to:

MBTA riders: Note that the MBTA does not accept the MIT Mobile ID credential. MIT ID cards featuring the “Charlie Inside” logo on the back may be used as an MBTA “T” pass. If you use your MIT ID card as your T-pass, you will need to tap your physical card, not your digital ID, at MBTA readers.


MIT Kerberos account

Getting started

Once a person completes registration of their Kerberos account, they can enable their MIT ID.

Enable your digital MIT ID:

  1. Install the MIT Atlas mobile app for iOS 13+ or Android 7+.
  2. Log in through Touchstone using your Kerberos username and password (or a certificate).
  3. Select the Mobile ID feature, and follow the guided steps.

If you require a physical ID card:
Enable your digital ID (above), then print your own card at a self-service kiosk on campus.

IS&T’s Print My MIT ID card kiosks can be found in the following locations:

  • Building E17, 1st floor 40 Ames Street, entryway
  • Building E38, 2nd floor Welcome Center, top of stairs near main desk
  • Building E52, 1st floor Sloan, near elevators
  • Building 11, 1st floor Infinite Corridor, room 11-112
  • Building 16, 1st floor Nano lobby, near stairs to Main Group
  • Building 32, 1st floor Stata, near Building 36 entrance
  • Building NW35, 1st floor Ashdown House, near front desk
  • Building W35, 1st floor DAPER, near main desk
  • Building W98, 1st floor 600 Memorial Drive, in dining area

Note: The W20 ID kiosk is unavailable during construction.

In the MIT Atlas mobile app:

  1. Tap "MIT ID"
  2. Tap "Get a physical card"
  3. Tap "Generate QR Code"
  4. Hold the QR code six inches in front of the scanner on the self-service kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your new card will take 2-3 minutes to print. Once your new card is printed, any previous MIT ID card will become invalid for use.

MIT community members can print a maximum of three replacement cards from a self-service kiosk in one year, at no cost.



If you need assistance enabling or printing your MIT ID, contact the Service Desk.