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The Data Warehouse is a stable, read-only database that combines information from separate systems into one, easy-to-access location.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

The MIT Data Warehouse is a central data source which combines data from various Institute administrative systems. Access to the data is controlled by authorizations maintained within the ROLES Database. Community members with appropriate authorizations can access data via SQL or any SQL-based tool. They have the ability to export the results to other software programs (e.g., FileMaker, Microsoft Excel) and manipulate the data locally. The results may also be joined with local data.


Tip of the Day
The Outliner may be detached and resized to view more items. Click on the raised 3-D bar at the left edge of the Outliner, drag it to a new position, move the cursor to the bottom right corner, drag to resize. Doubleclick the title bar to redock the Outliner.

Getting started

Getting help

Data Warehouse hours of operation

The Data Warehouse is available seven days a week, except for Saturdays from 3 - 3:10 PM during the weekly backup.

  • 8AM - 8PM: Normal user hours. The Warehouse is stable, and no data are being loaded.
  • 8PM - 7AM: Data loads. Although the Warehouse can be accessed, the data are in an inconsistent state because they are being refreshed.
  • 7AM - 8AM: Data extract processing. Data are loaded and stable. Users may access the Warehouse during this time, but the response time might be slow.