IS&T has equipped a set of classrooms for automated, unattended video and audio recording of lectures that appear on the MIT Subject Listing and Schedule and are enrolled in this program. 

Sign up: To participate in this program for pre-scheduled lightweight lecture capture, instructors should complete the signup form (Touchstone login required). Before you sign up, be sure to review this guidance from the Teaching + Learning Lab to understand your options for supporting students who are out, and considerations if you plan to record your teaching sessions. There is no cost to instructors or departments for participating in the program. Review full details of the solution below.

Available To 
Faculty, Lecturers, Instructors

Benefits and key features

No cost: This service is being provided by IS&T at no cost to instructors or departments.

Ease of use: This solution is called “lightweight” because the service requires the instructor to do relatively little work to set up recording, storage, and distribution.

Microphone provided: To record audio, IS&T will provide a wireless lapel microphone to each instructor teaching in these classrooms to keep.

Video captured on a schedule: Each classroom in the program has at least one camera aimed to capture the boards and the front of the room where the instructor stands. IS&T will automate video recording when your class is scheduled to be held for the rest of the semester. We will ask you to confirm the days and times when you sign up. Please note a full production video recorded by trained technicians on-site in the classroom will generally be of higher quality than unattended video capture. You may view sample stills from video captured from the pilot of the lightweight lecture capture program.

Links emailed to you: For each class session enrolled in this program, you will receive links by email for a webcast, recording, and downloads. The recording and webcast will utilize the Panopto platform, an all-in-one secure video platform licensed for use at MIT, integrated with our Canvas learning management system and Zoom collaboration platforms. You may distribute these links at your discretion to students who must isolate or quarantine.

Webcast option: You will receive a unique webcast link for each class session. The webcast has a 1-3 minute time delay, and may be used by the instructor or teaching assistant to check the video and audio recording before class begins. Instructors may distribute the webcast link to students who must isolate or quarantine, allowing their students to watch their classes at the scheduled class time if they feel well enough. The webcast is not the same as interactive or synchronous learning -- it’s a delayed stream of what is being actively recorded. The Fall 2021 Teaching Resources posted by TLL indicate “Unless you have significant previous experience with hybrid teaching & learning, and access to specific hardware & software, it is not recommended that you attempt simultaneous in-person and remote instruction.”

Call 32-HELP-U for support: While technical staff do not need to be present during your class to enable recording, support is available by phone (617-32-HELP-U or 617-324-3578) and email ( if you encounter any difficulty.


You must be the instructor for a class listed in the MIT Subject Listing and Schedule.

Getting started

Register to participate in the program (Touchstone login required).

Lightweight Lecture Capture user guide in the Knowledge Base.

Note: If the room you are teaching in is not already equipped for this service, you may use the form to request a room be considered for the program if it expands.

The rooms currently in the program are:

1-135, 1-150, 1-190
3-133, 3-270, 3-333, 3-370
4-145, 4-149, 4-153, 4-159, 4-163, 4-231, 4-237, 4-249, 4-261, 4-265, 4-270, 4-370
5-134, 5-234
24-115, 24-121
32-124, 32-141, 32-144, 32-155
56-114, 56-154
66-144, 66-168
E51-057, E51-361