MIT Audiovisual Services has moved from the Division of Student Life and is now part of Information Systems and Technology.

Digital Signage lets you display a variety of media: presentation slides, web pages, live feeds, images, and wayfinding applications. It may also be integrated with the MIT Alert emergency notification system.

Infinite Display: If you are interested in promoting events and publicizing messages via the widescreen flat-panel displays set up around campus, contact MIT Copytech.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Lecturers, Instructors, Staff

Benefits and key features

  • Design and installation of digital signage systems and components: Assist departments in the acquisition and installation of local digital signage. Note: Departments are responsible for licensing fees and all hardware and installation costs including the displays and channel players.
  • Software and technical support (including emergency hardware/software support), account management, and system training via online library and one-on-one support
  • Digital signage can connect your audience to:
    • Emergency notifications (MIT alerts, EMS)
    • MIT data sources
    • IPTV feeds and social media sources
    • News, weather, stock market tickers, and advertisements


Digital signage rates (updated October 2022):

  • Regular: $75/hour
  • Overtime: $112.50/hour

Getting Started