IS&T provides IT accessories for instructors to use in MIT classrooms, as well as ethernet cables for staff and students, through a set of self-service vending machines in several convenient locations on campus. These machines also provide KF94 face masks to any MIT community member who has an active MIT ID. 

These supplies are provided at no charge. Tap your digital MIT ID on your phone or your MIT ID card to the machine’s reader and select the item you need.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Instructors, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Available to faculty and instructors for the current semester:

  • HDMI Ultra/12 - 12' cable
  • HD 15pin plug to plug with audio 15' cable
  • USB-C to VGA multiport adapter
  • USB-C to Digital AC multiport adapter
  • Ultracompact 2.4GHz dual-channel wireless mic w/lavalier
  • Navigator Presentation remote control

Available to MIT staff and students:

  • 14’ Cat 6 ethernet cable - black
  • 14’ Cat 6 ethernet cable - white

Available to MIT community members with an active MIT ID:

  • KF94 face mask - medium
  • KF94 face mask - large

Individuals may obtain one mask every three days (no more than two per week). These high-quality KF94 masks can be worn for up to 40 hours of use, unless damaged or soiled.

Note: Product usage limits are in place to ensure sufficient availability for community members. If you find that you need more IT accessories than what is provided, contact the IS&T Service Desk.

If you have ideas for products that would be helpful to provide the MIT community via these machines, send your suggestions to


MIT ID - digital ID on a mobile device using the MIT Atlas app, or physical MIT ID card

Getting started

  • IS&T’s self-service accessory machines can be found in the following locations:
    • Building 4, 1st floor (Infinite Corridor crossing)
    • Building 4, 1st floor (Bldg 2 crossing)
    • Building 7, 1st floor Lobby (near elevators)
    • Building 16, 1st floor Lobby (stairs to Main Group)
    • Building 32, 1st floor Stata Center
    • Building E17, 1st floor Atlas Center
    • Building E25, 1st floor Atrium (E23)
    • Building E38, 3rd floor Innovation HQ
    • Building E52, 1st floor Main Corridor
    • Note: The W20 vending machine is unavailable during construction.
  • Visit Self-Service Vending Machines in the Knowledge Base