Self-Service Accessories

IS&T provides IT accessories for instructors to use in MIT classrooms, as well as ethernet cables for staff and students, through a set of self-service vending machines in several convenient locations on campus.

These machines also provide KF94 face masks to any MIT community member who accesses campus via Covid Pass. 

These supplies are provided at no charge. Tap your digital MIT ID on your phone or your MIT ID card to the machine’s reader and select the item you need.


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Qualtrics is an enterprise survey service available to the MIT community. It is used to conduct surveys, evaluations, and other data collection activities. Qualtrics supports the creation of both simple surveys and complicated survey workflows that are available to users via mobile-friendly format with multi-lingual options.

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DocuSign is a cloud service that provides electronic signature technology for the signing of contracts and signed documents.

DocuSign lets you store all your documents in the cloud to track and provide an audit trail of signatures. Access hundreds of ready-to-use applications using a variety of document types, integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive, and connect via mobile using the DocuSign App.

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Prisma Access GlobalProtect VPN Client

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The Prisma Access VPN provides a secure connection between your computing device and the cloud VPN gateway using the GlobalProtect VPN client, helping provide added privacy and security for your computing activities as well as the ability to access protected resources on MITnet that are only accessible from devices on MITnet.

GlobalProtect replaces MIT’s legacy Cisco AnyConnect client, which has been retired. 

Learn more about MIT's Virtual Private Network.

How To Obtain

Download and install the GlobalProtect remote access VPN client:


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