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IS&T offers a number of services aimed at making your computing experience safer. This includes providing you with information and educational opportunities to increase your safe computing awareness.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Benefits and key features

Security awareness aims to persuade a computer user to follow behavior that will increase the protection of data and privacy when using a computer. Many safe computing activities such as installing malware detection software, using strong passwords, and avoiding harmful websites, are used together to create a layer of protection. The more of these activities that are used, the stronger the protection.

Online help:


  • The IT Partners Spring Conference is hosted in the Stata Center and is open to the public (requires registration); it covers a variety of IT topics.
  • Security Camp is hosted twice a year by Boston College and Boston University (requires registration); it is primarily aimed at IT professionals whose job involves security.
  • Student Orientation shows you how to safely use the MIT network (MITnet) and other IT resources.
  • IAP is the Independent Activities Period held each January; it offers free seminars about protecting data at MIT.

Getting started

Learn more about Secure Computing at MIT.