IS&T maintains a limited pool of loaner laptops, tablets, and peripherals that may be requested by MIT faculty, students, and staff who do not possess a laptop with which to work remotely.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

To mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, IS&T is providing a range of IT resources to the community, both to ensure continuity of the Institute's mission and to best support community members as they engage in their MIT activities remotely. Items that may be requested, subject to availability, include:

  • Laptops (Apple, Dell)
  • Pen tablets (Wacom)
  • Tablets (Apple, Microsoft)
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots (prepaid)
  • Other peripherals (microphones, adapters)

Note: Items available are subject to change. This program is being updated as part of MIT's preparation for the fall semester.


Students requesting equipment must be currently enrolled.

Faculty and staff must provide a valid Institute cost object, which will be used for tracking purposes only, and will not be charged.

Getting started

Log in using your MIT Touchstone account and complete this loaner equipmetnt request form.