Note: On-site walk-in and repair service will be unavailable during this public health emergency.

IS&T's Distributed IT Resources (DITR) team helps departments with the purchase of physical hardware.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

  • Improved reliability and usability of departmental computing environment
  • Assistance with computer and tablet purchases based on job requirements
  • Sustainable maintenance practices
  • Operational compatibility with MIT standards and best practices
  • Supported set of hardware and software configurations

New equipment acquisition:

  • Assistance with new computer/tablet acquisition—small or bulk orders
  • All computers are purchased with a three year warranty.
  • Purchasing and renewal options are available on most standard MIT-recommended hardware.

Equipment deployment and setup:

  • Equipment is delivered directly to your office.
  • Optional configuration of software and data transfer services

Data migration:

  • Transfer data from old computers to new ones

Configuration management:

  • Configure new computers with your software and specified configurations

Lifecycle management:

  • Three year lifecycle for computers is recommended. DITR's streamlined process ensures your computer's lifecycle management is highly organized.

Asset disposition:

  • Pickup and disposal of older computer equipment. Your data is safe and disposal is environmentally friendly.

Getting started