MIT Audiovisual Services has moved from the Division of Student Life and is now part of Information Systems and Technology.

On-campus audiovisual consultation, design, integration, and project/subcontractor management.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Lecturers, Instructors, Staff

Benefits and key features

  • AV consultation and design; System installation/integration, support, and maintenance
  • Service and repair of existing systems installed by AV Services, as well as many systems installed by outside integrators. Remove, repair, or replace system components while retaining functionality.
  • Preventative maintenance agreements for both AV Services-designed/installed systems, as well as third-party integrators who no longer offer a warranty. Dramatically increase the reliability of your room's system and greatly minimize user downtime. 
  • On-campus consultation, design, and integration for a variety of AV solutions, including:
    • AV integration for new construction and building renovations  
    • Original audio and visual design for displays, projection
    • Standards review of third party designs
    • ADA compliance review of new and existing AV systems 


Consulting and project management rates (updated October 2022):

  • Maintenance $75/hr 
  • Service $90/hr
  • Emergency service $125/hr
  • AV system design and coordination $125/hr
  • AV system installation $125/hr
  • AV system and audio DSP programming $125/hr

Getting started

If you are in a class or a meeting and need immediate AV assistance, call the AV Support Team at 617-253-2808 or send email to