Hardware vendors offer mail-in repair options for laptops. Non-portable computers can be serviced by authorized service providers. IS&T provides loaner laptops to be used while a device is out for repair. Details for MIT preferred vendors Apple, Dell, and Lenovo are listed below. Note: If your department has a DLC Direct agreement with IS&T, contact your IS&T support team first for assistance with mail-in repair of MIT-owned equipment.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates


When initiating a mail-in repair request to Apple, Dell, or Lenovo, have the following information ready beforehand:

  • Serial number/service tag
  • Description of your issue
  • Your mailing address and telephone number
  • Payment information
    • MIT-owned equipment: Departments, Labs, and Centers (DLCs) are responsible for all charges associated with the repair of the device, including shipping charges.
    • Personally-owned equipment: Individuals are responsible for all charges.

Getting started

Before initiating a repair request, note the following:

  • Back up your data prior to sending your device to any repair center. CrashPlan is the recommended backup solution for desktops and laptops.
  • Request a loaner laptop prior to shipping your device to the vendor, to prevent any work stoppage or downtime.
  • For Dell and Lenovo laptops: If you have BitLocker enabled, suspend it before sending your device for repair.

Note: If your device has a STOP loss prevention tag that will require replacement, contact STOP directly to order a tag and arrange for payment.

Vendor details

There are two options to consider if you require Apple hardware support:

  • AppleCare EDU: Laptops purchased by MIT for faculty and staff are eligible for support from Apple's EDU AppleCare team. To initiate a mail-in repair for an MIT-owned Apple laptop, call the EDU AppleCare number: 1-800-800-2775 (choose options options 3-1-3). Callers must have an MIT purchase card for any paid repairs, which will be charged to their department.
  • Express Lane ( for help with personally-owned Apple products.

Be sure to have your Apple serial number and a description of the hardware issue ready before contacting Apple.

Desktop (non-portable) computers: Non-portable Macs can be repaired via available Apple authorized service providers.

Dell’s mail-in repairs, for both in- and out-of-warranty laptops, can be initiated via Dell Support (800-288-4410).

You will be asked to provide a Dell Service Tag and a description of the hardware issue. Be sure to have that information ready before contacting Dell.

Dell international warranty repairs: If you have questions regarding international repairs, call Dell Technical Support at 800-999-3355. Dell Tech Support will troubleshoot your problem and issue parts and onsite service outside the United States. You can complete a Service Tag transfer to ensure your warranty can be updated and your system can be submitted to the depot for repairs internationally. Upon completing the transfer, you will need to call Dell Tech Support to enter the system into their depot.

Desktop (non-portable) computers: In some cases, Dell will send certified Dell technicians to personal residences. Contact Dell Tech Support for additional guidance. Find authorized Dell repair centers.

Lenovo repairs in-warranty products only. If you have an out-of-warranty Lenovo product, see below for information on your options.

Lenovo provides two options for submitting a mail-in repair request for laptop or tablets.

You will be required to provide your device’s serial number and a brief description of the hardware issue. You will also be prompted to set up an online account at Lenovo’s vendor site.

  • Option one: Contact Lenovo service; phone: 855-253-6686 #3 to set up a mail-in repair request for your in-warranty Lenovo product.
  • Option two: Create an online account via the Managed Technical Support Access (MTSA) tool and open a repair request with Lenovo via their portal.

Lenovo international warranty repairs: Get information regarding the transfer of international warranties should your repair be required to occur outside of the United States.

Lenovo out-of-warranty mail-in repair process: Lenovo does not perform out-of-warranty service for computers. You will need to find a local service provider that will perform this type of repair.

Desktop (non-portable) computers: In some cases, Lenovo provides on-site repair at personal residences. Contact Lenovo Tech Support for additional guidance. Find authorized Lenovo repair centers.