Mail-in hardware repair options are available to the MIT community. On-campus walk-in computer repair is currently unavailable.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Mail-in repairs

Mail-in repairs are limited to laptops and tablets.

Before initiating a repair request, note the following:

  • Back up your information.
  • Request a loaner laptop. If your computer is currently in a functioning state, request the loaner prior to shipping it to the vendor.
  • Process tagging repair payment back to your DLC if your repair is done directly through the vendor.

Mail-in hardware repair options

  • Apple: Apple mail-in repairs, for both in- and out-of-warranty laptops, should be initiated via the Apple Support site or by calling 800-275-2273 (800-APL-CARE).
  • Dell: Dell’s mail-in repairs, for both in- and out-of-warranty laptops can be initiated via Dell Support or by calling 800-288-4410.
  • Lenovo: Lenovo repairs in-warranty products only. There are two options for submitting a mail-in repair request for laptop or tablets:
    • Contact Lenovo service; phone: 855-253-6686 #3 to set up a mail-in repair request for your in-warranty Lenovo product.
    • Create an online account via the Managed Technical Support Access (MTSA) tool and open a repair request with Lenovo via their portal.
  • Non-portable desktop repairs

Getting started

When initiating a mail-in repair request to Apple, Dell, or Lenovo, have the following information ready beforehand:

  • Serial number/service tag
  • Description of your issue
  • Mailing address and telephone number