To provide the core infrastructure needed to support collaboration through virtual and hybrid meeting experiences, IS&T offers two options for Zoom Rooms solutions to MIT departments, labs, and centers (DLCs):

  • Option one: DLC-funded with full support
  • Option two: License only, with limited support

New in 2022: MIT community members may now find and reserve a number of shared Zoom Rooms distributed across campus. Learn more about Zoom Rooms for Community Use and the Shared Meeting Spaces Pilot program.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

Option one: DLC-funded with full support
If your DLC agrees to fund the entirety of the Zoom Rooms solution, provided by IS&T in partnership with Zoom's Professional Services Organization (PSO), IS&T will proceed working with you to design, price, and install your Zoom Rooms solution.

With this solution your room(s) will qualify for 24/7 dedicated Zoom Rooms support and hardware replacement within 2 business days. Phone support will come via a dedicated phone number for use only by MIT and staffed by Zoom Rooms experts.


  • Review: IS&T reviews the request to confirm eligibility.
  • Assess: IS&T schedules an on-site assessment to determine what infrastructure needs to be installed in the location.
    • Note: Requestor will be responsible for removing any existing audio/video conferencing equipment from the room. IS&T is available for consultation.
  • Design: IS&T works with Zoom to design a solution for the space.
  • Plan: IS&T confirms equipment design, hardware setup, cost estimate, and installation plan with requestor.
  • Install Infrastructure: IS&T schedules and installs required infrastructure to support new Zoom Rooms setup.
  • Install Equipment and Set Up: Zoom PSO schedules, installs, and configures Zoom Rooms hardware and software.
  • Train: Zoom PSO provides training for use of Zoom Rooms.

Option two: License only, with limited support
If you already have your own Zoom-compatible equipment and would like to request a Zoom Rooms license only so that you may use your system with Zoom, IS&T can provision one for your use. 
Note: A license provided for use with your own equipment will not qualify you for the extended Zoom support services describe above.


  • MIT Kerberos account
  • Institute cost object

Getting started

Contact to request a Zoom Rooms solution for your DLC. Specify whether you are seeking to fund a Zoom Rooms solution with full support, or if you are requesting a license only.

See Zoom Rooms at MIT in the Knowledge Base for additional information.