Enabling MIT community members to collaborate and interact across the wide spectrum of the MIT experience in an equitable way will ensure that the Institute is well positioned to leap forward and sustainably leverage the global advances realized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IS&T believes that virtual and hybrid meeting experiences will persist as a part of the fabric of MIT operations in the post-pandemic era, in the same way that other core collaboration tools such as email, telephone, and network services are critical to the operations of the Institute.

To provide the core infrastructure needed for this form of collaboration, IS&T is piloting Zoom Rooms, spaces with built-in Zoom capability, in configurations including hardware, software, and supporting power and network infrastructure in a service offering to be explored and considered for more wide scale and strategic deployment.

MIT community members were invited to request participation in this pilot. IS&T is reviewing rooms identified by community members as candidates for this program, and the request form is closed at this time.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

Leveraging Zoom’s Professional Services Organization (PSO), IS&T projects a 3-year life cycle for offered solutions that will ensure that spaces remain current with the latest features and enhancements, and ensure that hardware is always within warranty and supported by the vendor.

This service offering includes equipment hardware and installation (all managed by Zoom PSO), 24/7 real-time monitoring services of all deployed Zoom Rooms hardware, on-site technical support and equipment replacement, post-installation training, and dedicated phone support lines.

Available room configurations may include displays, cameras, microphones, speakers, digital whiteboards, room controller, and more. IS&T’s offering includes all supporting network and power infrastructure.

Configuration options:


  • MIT Kerberos account
  • Institute cost object

Getting started

IS&T is reviewing rooms identified by community members as candidates for this program, and the request form is closed at this time.


  1. Review: IS&T reviews the request to confirm eligibility for the pilot.
  2. Assess: IS&T schedules an on-site assessment to determine what infrastructure needs to be installed in the location. Note: Requestor will be responsible for removing any existing audio/video conferencing equipment from the room. IS&T is available for consultation.
  3. Design: IS&T works with Zoom to design a solution for the space.
  4. Plan: IS&T confirms equipment design, hardware setup, and installation plan with requestor.
  5. Install Infrastructure: IS&T schedules and installs required infrastructure to support new Zoom Rooms setup.
  6. Install Equipment & Set Up: Zoom PSO schedules, installs, and configures Zoom Rooms hardware & software.
  7. Train: Zoom PSO provides training for use of Zoom Rooms.

See the Zoom Rooms by IS&T FAQ in the Knowledge Base for additional information.