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Virtual Computer Labs

Virtual Computer Labs are available to faculty, instructors, and Department, Lab, and Center (DLC) IT support providers for deployment as virtual Athena Ubuntu 18.0.4 or Windows 10 machines for an MIT class of up to 100 students for the duration of a single academic term.

NOTE: This service is in beta. Virtual Labs will be provisioned on a first come first served basis. During this beta period, IS&T may not be able to accommodate all requests immediately if demand exceeds expectations.


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Qualtrics is an enterprise survey service available to the MIT community. It is used to conduct surveys, evaluations, and other data collection activities. Qualtrics supports the creation of both simple surveys and complicated survey workflows that are available to users via mobile-friendly format with multi-lingual options.

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DocuSign is a cloud service that provides electronic signature technology for the signing of contracts and signed documents.

DocuSign lets you store all your documents in the cloud to track and provide an audit trail of signatures. Access hundreds of ready-to-use applications using a variety of document types, integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive, and connect via mobile using the DocuSign App.

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BoardEffect is a cloud-based platform for group and committee meetings.

BoardEffect’s “e-binder” solution eliminates the need for printed materials and provides effective space for regularly-scheduled monthly and quarterly meetings that utilize agendas and meeting materials.
Note: BoardEffect is not recommended for one-time meetings.

Zoom Rooms by IS&T Pilot

Enabling MIT community members to collaborate and interact across the wide spectrum of the MIT experience in an equitable way will ensure that the Institute is well positioned to leap forward and sustainably leverage the global advances realized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IS&T believes that virtual and hybrid meeting experiences will persist as a part of the fabric of MIT operations in the post-pandemic era, in the same way that other core collaboration tools such as email, telephone, and network services are critical to the operations of the Institute.


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