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The Departmental Consulting, Analysis, and Development (DCAD) Team joins deep knowledge of the MIT environment with expert web and database strategy and project management services to serve MIT Departments, Labs, and Centers.

Our mission is to guide our clients in all aspects of their departmental website and database projects, and to drive development of modular, re-usable solutions with broad MIT community appeal.  We match DLC clients with the right IS&T and industry technologies, and reduce administrative cost and complexity for the whole Institute.

Because DCAD is part of MIT, just like our clients, we make our recommendations in our clients’ and the Institute’s best interests.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

DCAD offers:

  • Drupal Cloud: Drupal Cloud is a free do-it-yourself product and service to create, deploy, and host Drupal sites that do not require custom design and development.  Should you need custom work for your Drupal Cloud site, we can refer you to our preferred vendors with Drupal Cloud experience.
  • Vendor Management: For your custom Drupal or WordPress website needs, DCAD has strong relationships with our preferred design and technical vendors.  We can also review code developed by our partners to ensure that your site meets our established Drupal and WordPress standards and follows our best practices for maintainability.
  • IS&T Technology & Service Integration: Many DLC websites and databases need to tap into data housed in enterprise MIT services and systems.  DCAD will ensure that your system is securely integrated with IS&T offerings like Touchstone, the Data Warehouse, Grade20, MITSIS, Managed Data Services, CyberSource, MIT Events Calendar, and the Usability & Accessibility Team.
  • FileMaker Development & Architecture: DCAD offers in-house FileMaker services including application design, system development, hosting, and maintenance for those MIT databases containing sensitive information. We will also advise you on proper management of regulated data. For databases containing non-sensitive data, we can provide guidance on appropriate tools and service providers.
  • Business Analysis & Project Management: For projects with community-wide impact, DCAD provides services for detailed business requirements, wireframes, and Information architecture.  As Project Managers, we’ll also ensure that projects are delivered on-time, under-budget, and within scope.

Starting a web or database project at MIT can sometimes be daunting, so feel free to contact us with your project questions. We may be able offer the cost advantage of leveraging products we have already built, with the option to customize as needed.

If we are unable to offer direct assistance, we can point you in the right direction of either a vendor or another team at MIT. If you need additional assistance with your website, Communication Production Services (CPS) is available to provide advice on design, content strategy, branding and social media, as well as vendor referrals.

Some of our services are at no cost and some have a fee associated with them.


Projects must be MIT-based; we do not work with outside clients.

Getting started

If you already have a good idea of what you need, please complete this form to start the consultation process.

If you're not sure what you need and would like some initial guidance before starting, contact DCAD: