IS&T provides a variety of hosting solutions to the MIT Community. We will help you figure out exactly what kind of service you need: IS&T-provided or externally-provided.

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

We will find a solution based on your particular combination of needs: technology requirements, budgetary constraints, and whether you need full service hosting or want more control over your equipment and applications.

For-cost, IS&T-hosted solutions

  • Managed servers: IS&T manages the server and supported services, while each department is responsible for supporting their own software applications.
  • Server co-location: You support all aspects of your server; IS&T is responsible for the physical housing of your DLC-owned equipment.

No-cost IS&T options

Getting started

Fill out this form to request server hosting and management services, or contact the IS&T Service Desk if you have questions.